Kid-safe, Pet-safe Organic Pest Control

May 15th, 2013

Spiders, fire ants, and mice, oh my! Some visitors you can avoid by screening phone calls or not answering the door. But others, such as insects and rodents, come in without an invitation and are in no hurry to leave. These organic pest control ideas will help you reclaim your space.

Keep Food Areas Clean and Dry

Keep your home as clean as possible, especially in the kitchen. Put away food products and keep the floors, counters and sink food and grease free. Cover sugar and honey with plastic wrap and wash outside containers. If mosquitoes are a problem, be sure to change your pet's water bowl regularly.

Essential Oils Can Help

Strong scents such as peppermint, cinnamon, and garlic repel certain pests. Water ants hate cinnamon, garlic, and bitter cucumber. Thai lemongrass keeps away mosquitoes.

A Clean Solution

Fill up a spray bottle with soapy water and spray it directly on ants and cockroaches. Spray enough water to cover the insect’s body and wait for the legs to stop moving.

Organic Pest Care Begins Outside

Avoid overly high grass near the house and prioritize lawn care and maintenance. Plants with repellant or insecticidal properties, such as Thai lemongrass, Chrysanthemum, and Artemisia placed strategically are another good line of defense.

Plug up Any Visible Openings and Holes

Repair holes in the drywall and other visible points of entry. Steel wool can plug up larger holes in between more permanent repairs.

Enlist Organic Pest Control Specialists

Organic pest control specialists have seen it all and will be able to assess your situation. An effective organic pest control specialist will use quality, effective non-toxic materials, be licensed by the Better Business Bureau, and have many happy client testimonials. Sounds like Green Solutions Lawn Care & Pest Control is the perfect option for you!

Evict pests with these easy tips and soon the only inhabitants in your home will be those you wish to be there.