Why Do Fire Ants Nest Next To Trees? Do They Cause Harm?

November 20th, 2019

Fire Ants Nest Why Do Fire Ants Nest Next To Trees? Do They Cause Harm?

Fire ants can be a big nuisance, but are they really a danger to your plants and trees? Fire ants frequently nest next to trees and use them as a food and water source. It is important to understand when this is a problem that should be immediately addressed.

Why Fire Ants Nest Near Trees

Fire ants like to nest near trees because the soil is not disturbed by foot traffic or mowing. Ants need soil that is likely to be undisturbed in order for the colony to thrive. The tree also gives them a source of food and water because they will prey on other insects that could harm your trees.

Adult Trees

Fire ants pose no danger to trees that are well planted and matured. These trees have solid root systems that are not likely to be disturbed by the fire ants. In fact, the fire ants may help your trees to thrive because they will eat other insects that damage your trees or their roots.

New Trees

New trees or saplings should be protected from fire ants. These trees do not have solid root systems yet. This means that the fire ants could expose roots and allow them to dry out in their attempt to churn the soil for their colony. If you have new trees with fire ants nesting nearby, you will need to address the fire ant problem promptly to protect your tree.

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