Zoysia Grass Maintenance

zoysia grass tampaZoysia Grass Maintenance

Zoysia grass, a native of southeast Asia is now a popular choice in many climates in the United States, with several distinct advantages over other grasses. It has a density and hardiness that makes it effective in fighting back weeds, while offering a thick, soft feel for any kind of use. Zoysia grass is frequently used in golf courses and parks where there may be regular use and a need for grass uniformity. For a homeowner there are a range of benefits in selecting Zoysia grass including:

Zoysia Grass Maintenance Costs and Reduces Care: Zoysia grass maintenance can require less mowing than other grasses, sometimes as little as once or twice a month. It grows in a lateral fashion with ‘runners’ rather than tall leaf blades, which contributes to its hardiness. Also, if the turf is able to develop a deep root system, it can reduce the need for constant watering, saving on water bills. Zoysia grass actually grows better with many hours of direct sunlight, making it ideal for sunny spots in the lawn in sub-tropical climates. Compared to other turf grass types, like St Augustine grass, zoysia grass can do well with less nitrogen in fertilizer

Zoysia Grass Maintenance Can Withstand Weather Extremes: Zoysia grass can grow and survive in almost any climate, from extreme heat to sub-freezing temperatures. Compared to some other turf types, this limits the worry of the grass dying in winter and during heavy frosts, or becoming burned and dry during a heat wave. Zoysia grass often goes dormant during the winter, and will then begin “waking up” from dormancy as soil and air temperatures increase in the spring.

Zoysia Grass Resists Weed Growth and Insects: Many lawns suffer from crabgrass and other weeds invading the turf, but when Zoysia grass is at its thickest it can often prevent weeds from encroaching and germinating at all. It has also proven to be resistant to some very damaging insect pests like chinch bugs. Once Zoysia grass is established and healthy it can often provide a consistent and pristine look without having to overuse weed killers or chemicals that are needed for many other grass species.

Zoysia Grass Maintenance Provides Erosion Resistant Cover for All Terrain: Because of its thickness and sturdy root structure, Zoysia grass is ideal for slopes and areas of potential erosion. By planting Zoysia properly you can have a lawn that is free from irregularities and worn spots, creating an even and aesthetic lawn appearance.

Some Drawbacks of Zoysia Grass Maintenance: Because of its inherent strength and lateral growth, Zoysia grass can enter gardens and adjacent lawns if not cared for properly with mowing and trimming. It can become a dominant grass if you are using other grass types in the same area, and it is best if used as the sole grass species. Its slow growth habit means that any damaged spots may take a while to re-grow and repair, but it will still have the same durability once it returns.

Despite these minimal drawbacks, Zoysia grass is an excellent choice in warm, sunny climates, and it can even be used in the northern latitudes with success. It can be planted using seeds, although that is not recommended. It is most successful when installed from sprigs or sod, and it will soon grow into an emerald green carpet of turf grass with a low cost of maintenance.

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