Your Lawn is Unhealthy: How to Tell

August 10th, 2021

Lawn is Unhealthy Your Lawn is Unhealthy: How to Tell

Your lawn is your home’s calling card, so you always want it to look its best. Lawn problems left unremedied can spread quickly and leave you with brown, dry, and unattractive curb appeal. Learn the signs to tell if your lawn is unhealthy so you can get ahead of any issues as soon as they start.


  • Brown, dull color

Healthy grass should be vibrantly colored, with a rich bluish-green hue. A change in color of your grass is the first sign of many lawn issues, including too much sun exposure, inadequate watering, lawn diseases, or pest infiltration. If you notice the sheen on your lawn giving way to brown, dead spots, identify the problem immediately. Action is critical before it takes over your entire lawn.


  • Dry, crunchy texture

Anyone who has ever walked through lush, healthy grass with bare feet knows it feels soft and pillowy, almost like walking on a cloud. On the other hand, if your grass feels crispy and dry, you probably need to up the water intake. Most lawns need a uniform ¾” of water once or twice per week to look and feel their best. 


  • Pests

Pest infestation is every homeowner’s nightmare. Unfortunately, lawns are susceptible to many bugs and insects, especially lawns that are stressed due to poor watering or lack of nutrition. Inspect your lawn regularly for ant hills, brown lines, and evidence of consumption. Several pesticides, including organic pesticides, are available to remedy pest issues.


  • Weeds

A thick, well-rooted lawn will be so dense that no weeds can penetrate through the surface. So, if you notice weeds popping up around your lawn, pull them up, apply a fertilizer treatment, and water well to boost your lawn’s density.


  • Thinning turf

While it’s easy to see brown spots or feel dehydrated grass, a thinning lawn may go unnoticed without paying close attention. As mentioned before, a thinned-out lawn allows weeds to penetrate through, further compromising your lawn’s root structure.

If you notice signs that your lawn is unhealthy, don’t wait until the problem is out of control. Call the experts at Green Solutions for the highest-quality lawn care and pest control services in the Tampa area. Our team will assess your specific lawn needs and develop a plan that will keep your lawn looking and feeling healthy year round.


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